1. Install Hugo
To use this theme you will first need to have Hugo installed. Please follow the official installation guide
Note: Make sure to use Hugo Extended to serve/build your site, as else the SASS/SCSS won’t be rendered correctly

2. Create a new Hugo site
This will create a fresh Hugo site in the folder hugosite.

hugo new site hugosite

3. Install the theme
Download or git clone this theme into the sites themes folder hugosite/themes. You should end up with the following folder structure hugosite/themes/jackcreative

cd hugosite
git clone themes/jackcreative 

4. Update config.toml
The config.toml into the root folder of your Hugo site will need to update the theme value in hugosite/config.toml

theme = "jackcreative"

5. Run Hugo
After installing the theme for the first time, generate the Hugo site.
You run this command from the root folder of your Hugo site ie hugosite/


For local development run Hugo’s built-in local server.

hugo server

hugo server Now enters localhost:1313 in the address bar of your browser.